That may not happen on the trade market — at least not for now.

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USA Today reported that George could be swayed to re-sign with a contender next summer, and the Pacers hope that will grease the wheels on George talks in the coming days. Pritchard is trying to sell the idea that he’s no longer trying to peddle a player who is going to be gone in a year, but, rather, is offering up a bone fide star who just might stay put in Cleveland, Boston or anywhere he can win.

But teams considering a move for George still are dealing with a fear of the Lakers. Even as George’s camp backs off his focus on the Lakers and LA, those bidding for George are treating him like an uncertain proposition, unwilling to offer the Pacers full-value packages out of fear that George wants to be LA-bound.

That may not happen on the trade market — at least not for now. Since the draft, the Pacers and Lakers have not been actively negotiating for George. LA still approaches the situation as though George will be available to sign next summer, and the Lakers would be able to take him on without giving Cheap Qmjhl Jerseys up assets. That’s the idea scenario for the Lakers.

But the Lakers still want to know the best offer the Pacers Cheap Professional Jerseys receive. According to league sources, if the Pacers get an acceptable offer from another team, the Lakers will at least be prepared to make a counteroffer and not take the chance that George lands elsewhere, which could lead to him avoiding the Lakers altogether.

Why he’s here: No one will forget his incredible comeback from a devastating injury last season to play in the World Series and help push the Cubs over the finish line. But Schwarber hasn’t been able to carry over that momentum into this season, to the point where his struggles became so pronounced that the Cubs had no choice but to send him to the minors to get straightened out. This definitely wasn’t the season anyone had in mind for Schwarber after watching him hit .412 in the World Series last fall.

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