That doesn’t appear to be the case.

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First, league rules state that “umpires assigned to work the Mid-Summer Classic shall be notified of their assignment not less than 30 days prior to the game,” meaning Hernandez learned of the assignment in mid-June. According to USA Today, the league received a summons this Wednesday about the issue, making it unlikely that the decision has anything to do with the suit.

Mike Winters, the crew chief for the 2016 edition in San Diego, attended San Diego State, while James Hoye in 2015 (Ohio State graduate), Jeff Nelson in 2014 (Minnesota native) and John Hirschbeck in 2013 (southern Connecticut native) each worked games in places they previously called home.

Hernandez is one of three Florida natives (and two Hispanics) working this year’s game in Miami, joining Mike Estabrook and Venezuelan-born Manny Gonzalez. Giving umpires the chance to work events like the All-Star Game in their home state is a nice gesture by Major League Baseball, especially in a time when the dialogue has been opened about diversity in the umpiring pool.

They’re going to consume the baby, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here because we both had similar ideas about the Home Run Derby, and instead of stepping on each other’s toes, we figured this was the best way to share our dinger thoughts. And our thoughts are this: Bless this pointless spectacle of titanic dingers.

Right. I mean, I think there’s something really glorious about an event that’s Cheap Goalkeeper Jerseys based on paying homage to the simple beauty of a home run. Because a home run is the ultimate Cheap High Quality Jerseys release of tension in baseball — it’s this pure parabola of winningness. Even if your team is losing, a home run brings such a surge of optimism and such a satisfying rush of joy that it’s enough to keep you hoping. And a few hours in the middle of the baseball season and the summer to just revel in these displays of power is worth stepping back and appreciating, I think.

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