Richard saw what was coming.

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The exacerbation isn’t hard to find either. Last season Price struck out 24 percent of the hitters he faced while walking 5.3 percent. This year those numbers have both gone in the wrong direction. The strikeouts have dropped to 20.3 percent and the walks have increased to 8.5 percent. So fewer strikeouts and more walks — not good. You might not be surprised to find out that Price is throwing fewer strikes overall. However, as Jeff Sullivan of FanGraphs noted, the drop in number of strikes has mostly come from Price’s secondary pitches, not his fastball.

This leads to an interesting possibility. Price used to be a pitcher who Cheap Soccer Jerseys Kids threw his fastball a lot. In 2010 with Tampa Bay, he threw his fastball 74 percent of the time, and you’ll recall, his fastball now is similar in velocity to what it was then. Since then his fastball usage has gradually dropped season by season, from 70 percent, to 60 percent, down to 54 percent, and it’s Cheap Softball Jerseys For Men sort of bounced around that area. He’s at 55.8 percent this season.

“It was a strong continuation of where they had left off,” he said. “They saw what it takes, and we weren’t very far off from reaching what we wanted to reach — that ultimate goal. We set a process forth that was working and would continue to work if we just trusted in it and kept going at it every day.”

Richard saw what was coming.

“With my level of production, the moves they were making in acquiring top notch end-of-the-bullpen guys, I knew my role was going to be deleted, and it was unfortunate because I had a great time [in Chicago],” Richard said.

But leaving the Cubs was even more complex than that for Richard because he grew up in Lafayette, Indiana watching the Cubs and hoping as a kid for the World Series that would eventually come a few months after he was off the team he rooted for growing up.

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