President Trump asks NFL players to recommend people for pardons

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President Trump has railed against NFL players who took a knee during the playing of the national anthem as unpatriotic over the last two years while ignoring the stated reasons for the protests but that changed a bit on Friday.

There’s no way to pardon or let out people who are dead after run-ins with law enforcement, of course. Those deaths and the response to those deaths by law enforcement agencies Baseball Jerseys Cheap and the justice system are a major part of what spurred the protests in the first place and were not addressed by the President on Friday.

We’ve picked up a little factual information that supports that theory, to a certain extent. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Hall of Fame covers the travel and lodging expenses for the Hall of Famer and those accompanying him. (Surely, there’s a limit to that; otherwise, the Hall of Famer could invite everyone he’s ever known.) The Hall of Fame, however, doesn’t pay for the party. And given the lavish Justin Timberlake-headlined bash that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threw for himself in 2017, the bar has been set at a level that few Hall of Famers can begin to match without outside help.

The Hall of Fame would have tried to help Owens with the party expenses if he’d asked, but apparently he didn’t. The sense has been that Owens felt disrespected by being passed over twice before getting in (indeed, he skipped out on the TV appearances held in the aftermath of securing enshrinement in February), but it wasn’t until after he went to Canton that Owens decided not to return.

So confusion lingers regarding the real reason for T.O.’s looming no-show. It could be that no one was willing to pay for the party. It could be that Owens realized that, when it was time to put together the list of people who would be accompanying him for the weekend, not Basketball Jerseys For Sale many names would have been on it. It could just be Owens being Owens.

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