Keith Mumphery sues Michigan State, says false rape claim ended his NFL career

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A year ago today, the Texans released Keith Mumphery, after a report emerged that Michigan State had banned him from campus and expelled him from its graduate school stemming from a rape accusation before he was drafted in 2015. Now Mumphery is suing his school.

Mumphery says he was falsely accused of rape and that he was cleared both by prosecutors and by a separate investigation from Michigan State’s Title IX office. Only when Michigan State re-opened the investigation for another Title IX case that Mumphery says he was never informed about was he found in violation of school policy. When that finding was made public, the Texans cut him.

Through his first two NFL seasons, Mumphery had shown some promise as a wide receiver and on special teams, but no team has given him another chance since the Texans cut him, and now his lawsuit is blaming Michigan State for discriminating against him.

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Sandy’s good, is the way one Mets official summarized Alderson’s standing with the Mets.

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