I’m lumping these two guys together because they’re in similar situations.

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It turns out, gentle reader, the Orioles were not fine. It turns out their starting pitching was not robust, that not only were Jimenez and Miley the disasters they were last year, but even the pitchers who were likely to be good struggled. Chris Tillman went from one of baseball’s best secrets to one of its worst pitchers. Kevin Gausman regressed. Even Dylan Bundy, who showed such promise last year, couldn’t turn the corner.

Anyway, it’s time to look if the Orioles should buy, sell, or do nothing at the MLB trade deadline. They’ve been a strange team for years. It’s nice to be able to count on something.

The Baltimore Orioles, who hit 253 home runs last year and allowed 183. That was a good ratio. This year’s team has hit 141 and allowed 150. That is less ideal, and it helps explain the team ERA of 5.10.

I’m lumping these two guys together because they’re in similar situations. The Mets tried to shop them before the deadline, but the market for outfielders just wasn’t there, and they ended up staying in New York.

They are some of the most likely big-name players (or big-ish) to go somewhere in August, seeing as Mets management has already made it clear that it isn’t done shopping the roster. Both would be worthy rentals for whomever wants to pick them up, with only a few million left on either of their salaries for the season at this point.

The market for outfielders had long dissipated by the time the Mets Cheap Jerseys America were strenuously shopping anybody, which affected a lot of other teams’ plans as well. But injuries or offensive slumps might dictate a need for a team to Cheap Jerseys AUStralia inquire about the Mets’ asking price for one or both of these players, and at this point New York would jump at the opportunity.

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