I think for us to expand we need to be resolved in Tampa and Oakland in terms of their stadium situations.

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Before the 2017 MLB Home Run Derby, reporters surrounded Stanton and asked him about Aaron Judge. They surrounded Judge and asked him about Stanton. Baseball’s two beefiest dinger boys had an unofficial, forced rivalry, just because they shared a similar physique, and you could see by the exasperation in their eyes that they were sick of the comparisons.

What if they could join forces, though? It would be like Hulk Hogan teaming up with Macho Man Randy Savage. And then the Yankees could make Stanton’s or Judge’s significant other the manager. And then they could get in a fight when that significant other starts paying more attention to ….

Or maybe Stanton and Judge could just hit 90 homers a year together for the next 10 years. That’s probably more realistic, even if it’s completely unrealistic.

How legit is this rumor? Well, we’ll have to grade it.

I think for us to expand we need to be resolved in Tampa and Oakland in terms of their stadium situations. As much as I hope that both Oakland and Tampa will get stadiums, I think it would be difficult to convince the owners to go forward with an expansion until those situations are resolved.
The key item there is the need to fix what’s wrong for the Rays and A’s before any new teams are added. And while it could be interpreted as Manfred saying that it wouldn’t be right for MLB to start a new venture (or ventures) while its current teams and owners have problems that need solving, we can narrow the focus here even further, especially since Manfred even said the word “stadiums” in the quote.

It’s not just about making sure that Tampa/St. Pete Cheap Team Jerseys Basketball and Oakland get new stadiums. It’s about making sure MLB doesn’t eliminate any potential leverage it has with Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping those cities while it attempts to extract tax dollars from them to build those new stadiums.

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