Fixing the Knicks: Five things New York must do in the post-Phil Jackson era

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We can lament, as we do from time to time, just how things got as bad as they have been in New York, where the NBA should be a hotbed. It’s been the hallmark of this century — the Knicks stink, and no one seems to know how to change that.

What this franchise needs is some tough prescriptions. It Cheap Team Jerseys Basketball needs to accept that being bad for a short while is good for the long term, and if there is a franchise that seems poised to prove that, it’s the Knicks’ West Coast counterpart, the Lakers. For decades, things came so easily for the Lakers that it seemed the indignity of a rebuild was beneath them. But as reality set in recently, the Lakers have given in to the necessity of a rebuild, and their future is looking brighter.

Brett Favre would play through the 2010 season, but in 2005 people were already thinking that was the end for him so it fits the “late in his career” bill that Werder described. Additionally Werder mentions that this occurred during Parcells’ tenure in Dallas, meaning this idea would have had to have been discussed prior to 2007 (Favre’s last season in Green Bay).

Additionally, Tony Romo didn’t become the starter in Dallas until mid-way through the 2006 season. 2005 was Drew Bledsoe’s first in Dallas, the Cowboys went 9-7, so it makes sense that after that season Parcells might’ve been willing to part with Romo who he’d protected for what was then already three full seasons.

Could the Cowboys have traded Tony Romo to Green Bay after 2005 then? For Brett Favre? This would have given the Packers both Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers while Dallas would’ve been left to deal with a Favre that, in all fairness, did find the fountain of youth over the next few seasons (albeit in Minnesota).


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