Can Andre Iguodala return to LeBron-stopping form in the NBA Finals?

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When it comes to attempting to limit LeBron James, to the extent it can be done, the Warriors have options. If they need bulk, they have one of the best defenders in the game, Draymond Green, a favorite for the Defensive Player of the Year award. If they need length, there is 6-10 Kevin Durant (if you choose to believe he’s just 6-10). If they need speed, they have one of the world’s best two-way players, 6-7 guard Klay Thompson.

For example, watch how LeBron James and Kyrie Irving defend the following possession from the first quarter. Durant pushes the ball following a missed shot from Kyle Korver and Curry, who averaged 1.20 points per possession in transition during the season, beats him up the court and immediately makes himself available on the wing. A simple look in Curry’s direction when Durant crosses half court is enough to make James and Irving jump towards Curry out of fear, and Durant makes them pay with a dunk nobody can stop when he has that much momentum.

The Cavaliers should’ve been able to make the possession more difficult Cheap Braves Jerseys for the Warriors. Better communication would’ve helped them decide which one of them would pick up Curry and which one would pick up Durant. Then again, the Cavaliers were the NBA’s worst team in transition defense in terms of points per possession (1.18) during the regular season, so maybe that play shouldn’t be too surprising.

Even so, Curry’s willingness to make himself a target early in the Cheap College Basketball Jerseys possession without the ball in his hands forces the Cavaliers to account for him sooner than they normally would, and it sets Durant up perfectly for a scoring opportunity.

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