Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers have only faced off against each other one time in their illustrious careers.

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That’s the only http://www.nfljerseysstar.com/ explanation behind how two perennial contenders have somehow found a way to slide by one another each January like tectonic plates, disrupting and forever altering the landscape of NFL history in the process. Brady-Rodgers is the Super Bowl matchup we’re destined to miss, a battle between future Hall of Famers with the ability to will their teams to victory by threading footballs through a thousand closing windows at once.

But we’ve come so close. The persistent postseason presence of the Patriots and Packers presents possible and popular opportunities for prescient predictions (say that five times fast). New England-Green Bay is a common Super Bowl pick most years when the playoffs roll around, but the fates always find a way to wreck it, leaving us with a trail of what if breadcrumbs that ultimately lead nowhere. Instead, we’re forced to reminisce on an inferior version from 1996, a Drew Bledsoe-Brett Favre matchup that serves as the Hydrox to the Brady-Rodgers Oreo.

And while the two will get the chance to run it back for what may be the final time when the Patriots and Packers meet this November, the universe shudders at the mere thought of the two ever facing off in the Super Bowl. The football gods have decided that we — as a fan base, as a nation, as humans — do not deserve it.

That’s a refreshing change, but it comes too late for a handful of teams. So what if this simplification had been employed before Calvin Johnson could even throw the absurdity of the NFL’s catch language into the public eye?

The following well-known calls all had repercussions, varying in scope. Here’s how things would have gone differently if these had been ruled catches:

Bryant’s sprawling fourth-and-2 catch appeared to give the Cowboys new life late in a Divisional Round game at Green Bay in January 2015. Dallas trailed, 26-21, with just over four minutes to play when Tony Romo found his top wideout near the left sideline for a gain that appeared to set wholesale nfl jerseys up first-and-goal inside the Packers’ 1-yard line. Instead, officials saw the ball shift after Bryant had already taken two steps and negated the play, handing control over to the home team.

It was a fatal blow for the Cowboys, and while it serves as the highest-profile application of the league’s weird catch dynamics, it may not have made a difference. Even if Dallas scores in its next four plays, that still leaves Aaron Rodgers, the 2014 NFL MVP, with somewhere between two-and-a-half to four minutes to rally his team to either a game-winning field goal (if Romo can’t convert a two-point conversion to make it 29-26), a game-tying field goal, or a game-winning touchdown.

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