Talib: Still ‘nobody flyin’ in the No Fly Zone

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Aqib Talib is hands down my favorite interviewee these days from the Broncos.

He keeps it real, man.

The early expectation for the 2018 NFL draft is that it will be a strong year for quarterbacks. While it’s said almost every year, it could be true if the top signal callers continue on their current developmental trajectory.

At the top is the trio of Josh Rosen of UCLA, Sam Darnold of Southern California and Josh Allen of Wyoming. They’re all viewed as first-round picks, but each has a glaring issue. For Rosen, it’s his health after his missed part of last season with a shoulder injury. For Darnold it’s his inexperience, playing in just nine games and owning a slightly unorthodox delivery. For Allen, it’s a matter of decision making after he threw 15 interceptions and completed only 56 percent of his passes last season.

The Seahawks were Nike’s marquee team when the company took over the NFL’s uniform contract in 2012 (though the seemingly radical makeover the team received at the time feels rather tame by today’s standards), so it’s no surprise that Seattle has upgraded to Nike’s new template. In addition to swatting the Flywire, the new look allows the two side stripes to extend farther toward the center of the jersey.

Finally: Want to go to the head of the line when boarding an Alaska Airlines flight? Last year, the airline Cheap Custom Baseball Jerseys extended that privilege to anyone wearing a Russell Wilson jersey, and they’ve Cheap Braves Jerseys renewed the promotion for 2017. No word on whether fans in the old Flywire jerseys have to wait a bit longer.

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Legend, monster or mammal? Imagining an NFL organized by team names

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The college football folks get to deal with conference realignments all the damn time. But in the NFL world, the league’s corporate structure makes it pretty rare that conferences and divisions get changed around at all.

But it does occasionally happen. Remember when the Buccaneers were part of the NFC Central with the Packers? WILD TIMES, MAN!

I don’t remember which game between animal-named teams I was watching (it was the preseason, so it wasn’t exactly a memorable affair), but it got me thinking about the various categories of team names the NFL uses. There’s a mostly even split between animal nicknames and those derived from humans or human creations.

The fact that CTE is very real, and very serious, isn’t a question any more. Last July, a Boston University study found signs of CTE in 110 of the 111 brains of deceased former NFL players that had been donated for research. Even when accounting for a possibly biased sample — brains that had been donated were likely to have come from players who had been suspected of suffering from mental illness — the findings are alarming.

But 110 positives remain significant scientific Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys evidence of an N.F.L. player’s risk of developing C.T.E., which Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK can be diagnosed only after death. About 1,300 former players have died since the B.U. group began examining brains.

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Reid has been talking up Hunt all offseason, praising his ability to learn the system quickly.

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“He’s a smart kid,” said Reid, via the Kansas City Star. “He’s picking it up … I’ve been around a lot of good backs and smart backs and he’s right in there. He picks it up quick.”

A 2013 sixth-round pick, Ware was cut by the Seattle Seahawks after just one year. He landed with Kansas City and won the starting job after Jamaal Charles’ knees started breaking down. Ware enjoyed a breakout year in 2016, rushing for 921 yards and catching 33 passes for 447 yards, scoring five touchdowns in the process.

Another positional battle to watch is the running back competition in Denver. C.J. Anderson seemingly has the starting job locked down, but Jamaal Charles will be playing after sitting out the first two games. This might be his one and only chance to make the team, so it’ll be interesting if Charles shows any of his old form after multiple knee injuries derailed his career.

The late afternoon game will feature two quarterbacks trying to will their respective teams back to the playoffs this year. Andy Dalton and Cousins have yet to find any sort of postseason success, but 2017 could be a turning point for either player. For Dalton, willing a depleted Bengals team to the playoffs in a tough AFC North would be the biggest accomplishment of his career.

The next step on either passer’s arc comes Cheap Authentic Hockey Jerseys Sunday when the two teams meet. Finally, the evening caps off with a showdown between the 49ers Cheap NFL Jerseys and Vikings in a game that will certainly happen.

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NBA rookies’ first-ever tweets include Lonzo Ball’s terrible rhyme

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Always delete your tweets. It’s a lesson one usually learns the hard way, but Charlotte Wilder of SB Nation is here to stop things before they ugly. I, a content maker on the internet.com, am here to pull the very first tweets made by the lottery picks of the 2017 Draft, though. (Too late to hire Charlotte now.)

Remember: These kids are all current teens, which means when they fired off these bad boys, they were even youth-ier teens. These are essentially children’s tweets, which makes for some very fun entertainment, including smiley faces and emoji.

Now quick, before they are deleted, let’s look at what the future basketball prodigies had to share with the internet universe before they became millionaires.

But in a drastic change of events, the former NBA Most Valuable Player signed with the Cleveland Cavaliers on a one-year deal at the veteran’s minimum of $2.1 million on Monday. That’s almost $20 million Rose will see fall off his salary after collecting $21.3 million with the New York Knicks last season.

Life comes at you fast. One moment, Rose was on top of the world, wowing crowds with his otherworldly display of speed and athleticism. The next, he takes the least possible bit of money to join a contender in hopes of competing for a championship.

After all, Rose averaged 18 points and 4.4 assists, albeit Cheap Vintage NBA Jerseys on Cheap Utah Jazz Jerseys a floundering Knicks team that finished the season with a 31-51 record. He still showed an ability to get to the rack and drill midrange jumpers and, at times, his athleticism was reminiscent of the youngest player to ever win MVP in league history.

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James Jones retires, joins Suns as vice president under Ryan McDonough

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The Phoenix Suns announced the hiring of James Jones as vice president of basketball operations on Tuesday. Jones will report to general manager Ryan McDonough, and he will oversee all basketball-related matters, including the NBA draft, free agency, and trades.

The Suns also agreed to a multi-year contract extension with McDonough after he helped solidify a promising, young group of players in Phoenix.

The news signals a retirement for Jones, a 14-year veteran who made the NBA Finals in each of the last seven seasons playing alongside LeBron James in Cleveland and Miami. The sharpshooting wing has three championships under his belt.

Randolph, who turns 36 on July 16, joins a young Sacramento team as a mentor and veteran presence. He is expected to help turn the Kings around the same way he helped turn the once cellar-dwelling Grizzlies around almost a decade ago.

George wore No. 24 in college at Fresno State and in his first four seasons with the Pacers, earning a pair of all-star bids in the process. However, he’s leaned in to his “PG-13” nickname by scooping the first number in the teens in recent years. By allowing him to wear Harden’s former number, Oklahoma City is showing the franchise is committed to giving him what he wants — something that could come into play when the 27-year-old hits unrestricted free agency next summer.

With one obvious partnership down, Mack just has one more to go. There’s no word yet, however, on whether he’s contacted Mark Morrison to Cheap US Jerseys acquire Cheap Throwback Basketball Jerseys the rights to his hit 1996 song “Return of the Mack.”

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The NBA’s balance of power has shifted West, and that’s not good for basketball

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The message was heard when Jimmy Butler was traded to the Timberwolves. It was loud and clear when the Pacers shipped Paul George to the Thunder. And even though the Celtics added Gordon Hayward via free agency, the league’s balance of power has certainly shifted out West.

The cream of the crop of NBA talent has relocated to the Western Conference. Paul Millsap included, three 2017 All-Stars packed their bags and headed out West this summer — a number that could grow when Carmelo Anthony reaches some level of understanding with the Knicks. The East gained Hayward, but he went to the conference’s best regular-season team, further saturating the talent level at the top of the conference.

The Timberwolves have an opportunity to vault themselves from perennial lottery team to a potential Western Conference powerhouse. And as promising as the roster looks right now, the difference between fringe playoff contender and top-four West team is locking up a star at the power forward.

Millsap could have other lucrative offers on the table, as well. He’s reportedly drawing interest from Phoenix and Denver, two teams willing to empty MLB Cheap Jerseys the coffers for an All-Star of his caliber. But no team offers a chance to Cheap Vikings Jerseys create a Big 5.

Minnesota does. For that reason, I give Millsap a 55 percent chance of joining the Wolves in free agency. Doing so makes sense for all the right reasons. And if the vet’s willing to sacrifice a few extra bucks for a chance to compete in the West, it’ll pay off for both sides in the end.

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Bosh was a standout All-Star power forward with the Toronto Raptors before joining the Heat in 2010

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“Chris changed his life and basketball career when he came to Miami,” said HEAT President Pat Riley. “And he changed our lives for the better, in a way we never would have imagined, when he joined the Miami HEAT. We will forever be indebted to CB for how he changed this team and led us to four trips to the NBA Finals and two NBA Championships.

He is, without a doubt, one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise. The number “1” will never be worn by another player and we can’t wait to someday hang his jersey in the rafters. Today, we are both moving on but we wish Chris, Adrienne and their family nothing but the best. They will forever be part of the Miami HEAT family.”

Bosh was a standout All-Star power forward with the Toronto Raptors before joining the Heat in 2010. There, he became a cog for the championship Miami team that won back-to-back NBA Finals in 2012 and 2013.

But Bosh ran into health complications in 2014, when he endured his first battle with a blood clot in his lungs that cut his season down to only 44 games. In 2015, the All-Star forward played in 53 games before another blood clot was discovered in his leg. Bosh ultimately failed his physical exam leading into the 2016-17 NHL Hockey Jerseys season, deeming him ineligible to play.

There are lots of basketball executives who will work Miami Dolphins Cheap Jerseys cheaply — Griffin has been such an executive for years — and little pressure on franchise owners to pay up when they are successful. LeBron has already been more vocal than most players would be, and that’s really the only anvil that can come down on Gilbert at this point.

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LeBron James tried to watch LaMelo Ball vs. Zion Williamson, but it was too crowded

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Top high school basketball prospects Zion Williamson and LaMelo Ball went head-to-head late Wednesday night in an AAU basketball showdown at the NFL Cheap Jerseys Wholesale jam-packed Cashman Center in Las Vegas. NBA stars like Damian Lillard, Andrew Wiggins and Ball’s older brother, Lonzo Ball, were in attendance to watch the two young studs’ matchup.

Washington was reportedly interested in the Paul George NFL Jerseys Nike sweepstakes, potentially offering a sign-and-trade of Otto Porter Jr. for him. Of course, the Pacers shocked the league by trading George to Oklahoma City, so there goes that idea.

Could the Wizards move something for Carmelo Anthony? A package made up of Ian Mahinmi, Jason Smith, Kelly Oubre and a first round pick would work salary-wise and give New York a couple assets, for example. If that’s what it takes to get Wall to commit for four more years, and getting Wall to commit is clearly the Wizards’ top priority, then Washington should consider something like that.

Still, if Anthony isn’t available or he would refuse a trade so close to his hometown of Baltimore since he has a no-trade clause, then it gets trickier. Washington won’t have any cap space after re-signing Porter, assuming they do. (They say they will, and he’s a restricted free agent.)

It’s so much money that bets are on Wall eventually taking this, assuming the team doesn’t let Porter walk for no good reason and can add a decent veteran or two. But for now, it seems like the two are in a firm holding pattern.

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I think for us to expand we need to be resolved in Tampa and Oakland in terms of their stadium situations.

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Before the 2017 MLB Home Run Derby, reporters surrounded Stanton and asked him about Aaron Judge. They surrounded Judge and asked him about Stanton. Baseball’s two beefiest dinger boys had an unofficial, forced rivalry, just because they shared a similar physique, and you could see by the exasperation in their eyes that they were sick of the comparisons.

What if they could join forces, though? It would be like Hulk Hogan teaming up with Macho Man Randy Savage. And then the Yankees could make Stanton’s or Judge’s significant other the manager. And then they could get in a fight when that significant other starts paying more attention to ….

Or maybe Stanton and Judge could just hit 90 homers a year together for the next 10 years. That’s probably more realistic, even if it’s completely unrealistic.

How legit is this rumor? Well, we’ll have to grade it.

I think for us to expand we need to be resolved in Tampa and Oakland in terms of their stadium situations. As much as I hope that both Oakland and Tampa will get stadiums, I think it would be difficult to convince the owners to go forward with an expansion until those situations are resolved.
The key item there is the need to fix what’s wrong for the Rays and A’s before any new teams are added. And while it could be interpreted as Manfred saying that it wouldn’t be right for MLB to start a new venture (or ventures) while its current teams and owners have problems that need solving, we can narrow the focus here even further, especially since Manfred even said the word “stadiums” in the quote.

It’s not just about making sure that Tampa/St. Pete Cheap Team Jerseys Basketball and Oakland get new stadiums. It’s about making sure MLB doesn’t eliminate any potential leverage it has with Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping those cities while it attempts to extract tax dollars from them to build those new stadiums.

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I’m lumping these two guys together because they’re in similar situations.

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It turns out, gentle reader, the Orioles were not fine. It turns out their starting pitching was not robust, that not only were Jimenez and Miley the disasters they were last year, but even the pitchers who were likely to be good struggled. Chris Tillman went from one of baseball’s best secrets to one of its worst pitchers. Kevin Gausman regressed. Even Dylan Bundy, who showed such promise last year, couldn’t turn the corner.

Anyway, it’s time to look if the Orioles should buy, sell, or do nothing at the MLB trade deadline. They’ve been a strange team for years. It’s nice to be able to count on something.

The Baltimore Orioles, who hit 253 home runs last year and allowed 183. That was a good ratio. This year’s team has hit 141 and allowed 150. That is less ideal, and it helps explain the team ERA of 5.10.

I’m lumping these two guys together because they’re in similar situations. The Mets tried to shop them before the deadline, but the market for outfielders just wasn’t there, and they ended up staying in New York.

They are some of the most likely big-name players (or big-ish) to go somewhere in August, seeing as Mets management has already made it clear that it isn’t done shopping the roster. Both would be worthy rentals for whomever wants to pick them up, with only a few million left on either of their salaries for the season at this point.

The market for outfielders had long dissipated by the time the Mets Cheap Jerseys America were strenuously shopping anybody, which affected a lot of other teams’ plans as well. But injuries or offensive slumps might dictate a need for a team to Cheap Jerseys AUStralia inquire about the Mets’ asking price for one or both of these players, and at this point New York would jump at the opportunity.

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