NFLPA wants to include players’ families in weed policy proposal to league

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The NFL Players Association is looking beyond its immediate membership in shaping a proposal to revamp the league’s marijuana ban.

As part of its upcoming effort to sway the NFL to make more changes to its substances-of-abuse policy, union executive George Atallah said the NFLPA wants to work with spouses and other family members of players to insure marijuana would be used properly for pain management.

Atallah said NFLPA research shows that some players are testing positive not because of recreational use but the desire to avoid opioids and the potential addiction and health problems that can come from taking them in excess.

Johnson also specifically pointed out having the coaches develop young players properly. He didn’t say then that the weight would be on Bowles. He also didn’t say it wouldn’t. He did say the relationship, and the division of labor, between the coach and GM “works very well.”

The Jets have to assure Bowles, and the football world, that he’s secure during this total teardown and restructure.

Bowles deserves better than to be left twisting in the wind the rest of the year — with so much year left, and so little reason for hope. If last season wasn’t his fault (which it wasn’t, and Cheap Custom Baseball Jerseys they proved that by bringing him back), then what’s in store for them this year is Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys even less his fault.

But as of now, they’ve done nothing to convince anyone that he’s not about to become the designated green-and-white scapegoat.

The 2017 Jets don’t have a chance, and neither do their fans. At least give Bowles one.

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