Let’s not mythologize the Warriors ahead of their time.

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With, potentially, two championships in three years, they’re looking at the makings of a dynasty without much resistance from the other 29 teams. The way they’ve handled the NBA this year has given rise to some pretty bleak outlooks from league observers. But let’s try to pull the plug on Best Cheap Jerseys From China some of these myths before they take root too deeply.

It’s 3-1 in the NBA Finals again. It doesn’t matter how we got here. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

“We are in the NBA Finals,” Curry said. “No matter what you need to inspire you, whatever you need to grab ahold of, chalkboard material, whatever it happens, like it’s so hard to win a championship, and kudos to them for finding whatever it took to play an amazing game, which they did. We got to find our edge next game.”

Even with Williams, who averaged 18.6 points per game in purple and gold last season, the Lakers were going nowhere fast. Unloading the 30-year-old veteran smoothed things out in a crowded backcourt, that also included D’Angelo Russell (21), the No. 2 overall pick in the 2015 draft and Jordan Clarkson (24), and receiving a first-rounder in exchange was an ideal move for the Lakers. They finished the regular season 26-56 and wound up with the No. 2 pick in this year’s draft.

Williams won too, getting to play for a budding contender. He helped them earn the Rockets earn the No. 3 seed and reach the Western Conference semifinals.

Check out the rest of the podcast where Williams, a notorious playboy, shares dating tips and gives his opinion on Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Warriors among other things.


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