Legend, monster or mammal? Imagining an NFL organized by team names

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The college football folks get to deal with conference realignments all the damn time. But in the NFL world, the league’s corporate structure makes it pretty rare that conferences and divisions get changed around at all.

But it does occasionally happen. Remember when the Buccaneers were part of the NFC Central with the Packers? WILD TIMES, MAN!

I don’t remember which game between animal-named teams I was watching (it was the preseason, so it wasn’t exactly a memorable affair), but it got me thinking about the various categories of team names the NFL uses. There’s a mostly even split between animal nicknames and those derived from humans or human creations.

The fact that CTE is very real, and very serious, isn’t a question any more. Last July, a Boston University study found signs of CTE in 110 of the 111 brains of deceased former NFL players that had been donated for research. Even when accounting for a possibly biased sample — brains that had been donated were likely to have come from players who had been suspected of suffering from mental illness — the findings are alarming.

But 110 positives remain significant scientific Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys evidence of an N.F.L. player’s risk of developing C.T.E., which Cheap Basketball Jerseys UK can be diagnosed only after death. About 1,300 former players have died since the B.U. group began examining brains.

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